About Us

Our History

Formerly known as Green Creek Vineyards

No product has a closer relationship to its raw material than wine does to its vineyard, and at Russian Chapel Hills Winery, we are developing a heritage of fine viticulture.

Andrey Medvedev

The Beginning

Green Creek Vineyards began as part of a collaboration between two brothers, Marvin and Alvin Pack. In 2004, Marvin founded Green Creek Vineyards in western North Carolina’s burgeoning wine-growing district, while his brother Alvin established Green Creek Winery on neighboring land. In 2009, Marvin sold Green Creek Vineyards to a local neighbor—retired businessman and long-time wine aficionado Andrey Medvedev. Alvin Pack retains ownership of Green Creek Winery.


Under Andrey’s management, Green Creek Vineyards has taken steps to firmly establish itself in the viticulture industry of Western North Carolina. In 2010, four additional acres of grapes were planted on a parcel five miles from the original parcel, and in 2011 Green Creek Vineyards LLC was established as a commercial vineyard in Polk County, NC.

In 2012 our friends Valery Artamonov and Dmitry Unkin joined in to the partnership that gave the company a new opportunity to extend existing property and start building our art of state winery.

St. Anna Chapel

The next year was full of excitement and great expectations. First grape crashed, and first wine fermented . . . but the most important thing was beginning of the St. Anna Chapel construction.

With much prayer our vineyards and winery rest below the beautiful St. Anna Chapel, which is a part of the eastern Diosease of the Russian Church Outside of Russia.

Following our new addition of the chapel, Green Creek Vineyards has changed its name to the Russian Chapel Hills Winery.


“Beautiful setting…. great wines!”

- Margie N -

“We’ve been to a lot of vineyards and this is one of our favorites!”

- Tara Servatius -

“Went to several wineries in the area and none of them compared to the hospitality and wine quality of Russian Chapel Hills.”

-Kathleen P-

“The owner takes pride in his winery and loves his visitors”

-Mike P-

“I had a beautiful wedding day thanks to the wonderful people here! Everybody that came to the wedding though it was so beautiful and relaxing with amazing wine!! I will never forget my wedding day!”

-Kensie Amaker-
“Great stop for some very nice wine. The pours are generous and the service is excellent.”
-Marcia Brashear-

“Enjoyed the wine and the vineyard…the chapel was a beautiful surprise”

-Thomas D-

“Beautiful winery! Beautiful Chapel, the Kagor and the Honey Mead wine are the best!”

Bill Akney

“Enjoyed spending some time trying Honey wine which was delish and learning about the history of this very interesting winery.”

-Nancy Needham-

‘Beautiful place that is a locally owned and operated business. Staff is amazing. Outside is peaceful.”

-Brittney Horak-



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Friday: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Sunday: 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM