“Saint Anne” in the Vineyard: A Russian Orthodox Chapel in North Carolina in Memory of Fallen Veterans of Afghan War

For many today, the war in Afghanistan is ancient history. But in the middle of the 1980s, it was one the most volatile spots on earth. All across a country still living in the Stone Age, global politics of a new world were being decided. And Kandahar was one of the most volatile places within Afghanistan. Locals said that legal authority in Kandahar ended after midday.

“Our objective was to destroy the caravans with weapons coming from Pakistan. We laid in wait along the mountain trails, where the caravans of the Afghan dushmani (enemies of the governing régime) would cross paths,” explains former soldier of Spetsnaz special services Andrei Medvedev, who served a year and a half in Kandahar and is now a winegrower and winemaker in North Carolina. “Our helicopters would also patrol the mountain passes, and if they noticed a caravan, then they would begin to ‘go to work on it,’ and our armored vehicle groups would roll out on alert to destroy the enemy…


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